Anethum graveolens L.

This annual member of the parsley family grows over 1 metre high and is closely related to fennel. Dill's yellow umbel produces oval fruits that split into two mericarps. The aromatic leaf tips are cut and dried shortly before blooming. Dill is sold in the form of fresh bundles or as high-quality dill weed tips. In Europe, dill seed is mostly used in the food industry.

Countries of origin

Native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, dill was known as a crop plant in ancient Egypt, but also used by the Greeks as a remedy for hiccups and by the Romans as a seasoning for poultry and wine. Today, dill primarily comes from the Netherlands and the Balkan States.

Flavour and aroma

Dill has a fresh, aromatic flavour. White sauces, fish, salad dressing, pickling gherkins, potato dishes Dill develops its aroma best in fine soups and white sauces. Dill tips complement cucumber salads, herb sauces and dressings for green salads, tomato salad, raw vegetable snacks, green beans, peas, carrots, stewed tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and fish dishes. It is excellently suited for pickling gherkins, mixed pickles and cucumbers, as well as to enhance herb vinegar. Dill sauce is popular with boiled eggs, new potatoes and particularly freshwater and saltwater fish.

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