Origanum majorana L.

The marjoram plant is a small aromatic shrub that grows 30 to 50 centimetres high. It can easily be identified by its greyish hairy covering and white to purple flowers. Marjoram thrives as a shrubby perennial in warm regions of the Mediterranean. There are over 30 species of marjoram, one being wild marjoram, which is also known as oregano or origan (the genus names of marjoram and oregano are frequently cause for confusion). Marjoram is used both fresh and dried; plant parts intended for drying are harvested prior to flowering.

Countries of origin

USA, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Tunisia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina
Marjoram is originally native to North Africa, Asia Minor and the Near East, but has flourished in Germany for many centuries. The Greeks and Romans considered marjoram to be a symbol of happiness. It was planted by the Greeks around cemeteries to bring the dead eternal peace. Today, the best marjoram in Germany comes from Thuringia, which produces the internationally recognized “Aschersleben” grade. The Balkan States, particularly Hungary, are also a source of marjoram.

Flavour and aroma

Marjoram has an acrid, peppery flavour, although it is sweeter than its wild relative oregano. Cooked with stews and potato dishes, it makes rich meals easier to digest. Stews, vegetable soups, pork and mutton, sausage and game, fillings, herb mayonnaise; particularly also with potato dishes and pizza Apart from parsley and chives, marjoram is the most frequently used aromatic herb. It is perfect in potato soup and salad, salty cheese dishes, meatloaf, as well as roast duck and goose. Marjoram is also a tasty seasoning for dark mushrooms, bean dishes and herb mayonnaises. It imparts a flavourful note to vol-au-vent fillings, game soups and ragouts. Marjoram is used in numerous types of sausage, particularly German blood sausage and liverwurst.

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