Allium cepa

The onion is a perennial garden plant of the lily family. It has high, grassy leaves, light green flowers in dense umbels, and forms a thickly swollen, underground bulb. The onion bulb comprises numerous layers of whitish, fleshy leaves enclosed in several, paper-thin skins. Various varieties of onion exist, which differ in colour, shape, size and flavour. The onion bulb and the young shoots of green onions are used for seasoning

Countries of origin

Mexico, Peru, Europe, Asia
Onion is probably native to Central Asia, although even the Egyptians prized it and made it a gift to their gods. During the building of the pyramids, slaves were occasionally paid in onions. Roman mercenaries introduced onions to Germany. Today, the pungent bulb is cultivated virtually all over the world.

Flavour and aroma

Onions have a sharp, slightly sulphurlike and sweet flavour, which differs depending on the variety. Pearl onions, red onions and green onions are much milder than standard white onions. With meat, fish, vegetable and egg dishes, soups, sauces, pan dishes, marinades, salads, potatoes Onions go well with virtually all savoury dishes.

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