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Raw Spices and Herbs
Around the world, FUCHS spice specialists work to establish the basis for perfect quality standards through their commitment to superior cultivation of the crop plants and optimised purchasing practices for all spices from the various regions of origin.
Only raw goods that meet their strict requirements can be processed into FUCHS superior herbs and spices or other spice products.

Organic Spices
FUCHS received certification(code number: DE-ÖKO-001) for its organic products several years ago.
We market spices, spice blends, seasonings, preparations with flavour-giving ingredients, soups, sauces and ready-made products in organic quality.
The raw materials are obtained from organic farms, which ensure:
  • No chemical, synthetic plant protection agents
  • No mineral-based nitrogen fertilizers
  • No genetic modification
In the organic segment, new products generally are developed to meet specific customer requirements.
Contact us directly if you have any questions about organic products.
Examples of our blends include:
  • Organic pizza seasoning
  • Organic pizza topping paste
  • Organic broth
  • Organic compound for herbal butter
As a matter of principle, FUCHS generally does not use any genetically modified, ETO-treated or irradiated goods.


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