Dry Mixtures

Blends of Spices
Spice Mixtures
  • Seasoned salts
  • Seasonings for soups, sauces, dressings, dips
  • Spice Mixtures for breading and flavouring all kinds of meat, e. g. meatballs and meat loafs
  • Seasonings for snacks
  • Seasonings for potato products
  • Seasonings for condimental pellets
  • Mixtures of dried vegetables and fruits
  • Universal condiments

Please also see our brochure „Dry Seasonings – Breadings

Convenient Seasonings
In cooperation with our customers we develop individual recipes.
Besides the development of flavour and aroma, the appearance, an easy processing and storage as well as questions with regard to processing technologies or food law play an important role.
For the production of snacks, bread or other bakery products, tinned food, delicatessen, dairy products, fish or for seasoning instant meals – the variety of FUCHS spice creations knows hardly any bounds.

Our breadings are based on a condiment with fat coating. They guarantee an ideal and stable appearance throughout the whole shelf life.
Their appearance can be adjusted individually and there are many fields of application in the convenience sector. Different technologies, e. g. for keeping products fresh or to stabilise colours, are also available.

Breadings – Dry Condiments
For breading and flavouring all kinds of meat
These dry condiments, e.g. the variants herbs, paprika or curry
  • are suitable for baking oven and pan
  • guarantee an ideal and stable appearance throughout the whole shelf life
  • are available with individually adjustable salinities
can be applied via plants for flouring respectively dry breading.

Oven Breadings
For breading convenience specialties
The oven breading “yellow“ is gluten-free (allergy/coeliac disease) and available with or without condiments.

Please also see our broschure „Dry Seasonings – Breadings

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