Meat Specialties for Barbecuing and Pan-Frying

FUCHS offers numerous spiced marinades, sauces, oils and soft spiced oils as well as dry condiments for barbecuing and pan-frying.
Whether oil-based, starch-based or as an emulsion, whether for meat counters or for the meat processing industry – FUCHS marinades stand for optimised gloss and colour retention, excellent conservation and a well-balanced flavour.
Depending on the field of application respectively the viscosity, we deliver the marinades in containers for online metering (e. g. for frozen products), in sizes suitable for the industry but also in buckets or sachets.
Marinades for the meat counter are delivered in lot-compatible sizes – from pouches with one kilogramme and buckets up to sachets for small quantities.
Do not hesitate contact us – we would be pleased to advise you regarding your choice from our wide range of products!


International Orders


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