Pasteurised Liquid and Pasty Mixtures of Spices and Herbs
The Liquid Control method makes it possible for the food industry to use mixtures of spices and herbs with considerably reduced germ contents. Owing to the gentle thermal pre-treatment, a high quality in the final product is guaranteed. The intensity of the condiments and the fresh colour are conserved even without preservatives. Our customised LC products are delivered in aseptic containers with an online metering mechanism.
The advantages at a glance:
  • safe and stable products due to germ reduction
  • no chemical additives, no fumigation or radiation
  • no preservatives or high temperature treatment
  • aseptic filling into reusable containers
  • Online metering due to pumpability and exact viscosity settings
  • Customised recipes for specific applications and innovations
  • best flavour and perfect appearance of the final product
  • ideal application with regard to fresh and convenient products or chilled food

Combined with the FUCHS Herbafresh method for herbs, the best possible preservation of the fine herbal taste and the fresh green colour is guaranteed.

Please also see our brochure „LiquidControl


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