Dekor Plus

More Colour – More Taste
Variety is what characterises the FUCHS Dekor Plus series.
From mango, kiwi and plum up to salmon, cheese and chocolate – there are numerous colour and flavour variants of these sliceable added ingredients with a variable form.
Made of compound and drinking water, Dekor Plus is generated with the insertion into your final product.
Colour and flavour are preserved in the final product – independent of the field of application. An attractive possibility for product innovations
- as is generally known: the eye must be pleased as well.

Advantages of Dekor Plus
  • Compounds to be produced in many different colours and fine mild flavours
  • rational production
  • ideal handling regarding processing, storage and shelf life
  • heat resistant
  • optimal adhesion of the added ingredients within the product
  • no bleeding of the added ingredients
  • excellent sliceability
  • flavour and colour stable
  • a very attractive appearance


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