Skin Dekor

Edible coatings for sausages, meat and cheese products.
Dipping compounds in the form of edible coatings have been proving their value for a long time. FUCHS Skin Dekor makes it possible to apply these coatings on a variety of products in one step.
Whether herbs, paprika, garlic, pepper, cheese or fruity variants – these coatings are characterised by an attractive appearance and taste.
Skin Dekor products are sliceable, machinable and dry quickly.
The surface refinement particularly persuades with regard to raw sausages, cheese and vegetables. There is a defined ideal temperature range for every Skin Dekor compound. By varying the dipping temperature within this specific range, the desired thicknesses of the coatings on the products can be obtained.
The advantages at a glance:
  • all ingredients (spices, decoration) are included and cling ideally to the product
  • simple, problem-free application by dipping only once, for both manual processing and automatic dipping plants
  • Protection from loss of weight and flavour
  • Excellent sliceability without cracking
  • better cutting performance owing to smooth coatings
For additional information, see also our “Skin Dekor” information sheet


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