All-in Seasonings
FUCHS Completto® are easy to dose all-in spice mixtures with additives, whose ”Completto®“ solutions have a reduced germ content and are suitable for pumping.
FUCHS “Fleisch-Completto“ for meat
FUCHS “Fleisch-Completto®“ for meat is a liquid, highly concentrated online full component system. In this way, freshness, bond, an ideal shelf life, an outstanding flavour and the best possible colour stability are granted at the same time.
FUCHS ”Frische-Completto“
FUCHS ”Frische-Completto®“ (fresh) is a liquid, clear and pumpable concentrate, which can be used directly in complex machines without any interstages. It has a biostatic effect, extends the logistic span and guarantees sensory freshness up to the end of the shelf life.

FUCHS “Frische-Completto“ (fresh) for asparagus
Improving the quality of fresh herbs.
The advantages at a glance:
  • significant reduction of microorganisms
  • long-lasting fresh colours and noticeably crunchy
  • effective alternative to dipping baths with vinegar water
An effective addition to the simple vacuum packaging which is normally used for peeled asparagus. Every year anew, it enjoys great popularity. Especially owing to the fact that producers – but also some wholesalers – satisfy the final customers’ desire for already peeled asparagus. However, the shelf life of these peeled products is significantly reduced. Vacuum-packed, it only amounts to two days; under cooling, it can be extended to up to five days.

FUCHS “Frische-Completto®“ (fresh) for asparagus is ideal for improving the quality of freshly peeled asparagus. Due to its special and new combination of agents, micro-organisms are significantly reduced. The proven “Frische-Completto®” technology provides for long-lasting fresh colours and flavours with the final products being noticeably crunchy.


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