Experience the taste of South America

Green Amazonian pepper with lemon LC

Like no other, the green Amazonian pepper symbolises the fruity atmosphere of the Brazilian jungle and the largest water flow in the world – the Amazon river. This fruitiness combined with the mild hotness of the Amazonian pepper and tangy lemon go really well with dairy, delicatessen and fish products. FUCHS LiquidControl (LC) technology ensures carefully conducted thermal germ reduction in the two product variants:
Variant 1: 24% green Amazonian pepper, 21% zest of lemon. 
Variant 2: 37% zest of lemon, 7.5% green Amazonian pepper.
What does green pepper taste like?
The fresh fruits of the pepper bush have a mild and spicy hotness and a fine, natural aroma. These properties make pepper corns a tasty ingredient in many applications in the foodstuffs industry.
Guacamole LC

Aromatically nutty, tangy and fresh – give your products that special South American flair and the fire of the South American continent. Our guacamole LC has a multi-faceted and clear taste, thus giving your product that special South
American style; it is individually refinable and particularly suitable for dairy, delicatessen and fish products. FUCHS LiquidControl (LC) technology ensures carefully conducted thermal germ reduction in both product variants. It is available with either 10 % or 30% avocado content.
What does guacamole LC taste like?
This attractive light-green fruity paste is extracted from avocados.The fine, tangy freshness – and a fine, nutty aroma – harmonise well with many products in the foodstuffs industry.

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