Sprinkling herbs for the food industry that maintain their colour
Herbs are an indispensable means for the visual and culinary optimisation of tasty foods.
The food industry makes use of various processing methods, which have different specific advantages and disadvantages:
  • Fresh herbs boast an appealing appearance and taste, but are critical from the microbiological perspective.
  • Dried herbs are characterised by a long shelf life, but have a weaker colour and are thus less appealing to the eye.
  • Deep-frozen herbs are visually more appealing than dried herbs and microbiologically safer than fresh herbs. However, they cannot be sprinkled, as they tend to be damp and clumpy when they thaw.
  • Freeze-dried herbs combine many advantages of various processing methods, but do not have such an intensive aroma.
KräuterFox® is the new alternative for the use of herbs in the food industry.
Used at the end of the production chain as a flavour-enhancing, decorative sprinkle, KräuterFox® offers many advantages.
KräuterFox® advantages
  • Natural, original herb flavour
  • Visual upgrade of foods (vigorous green colour)
  • Clean/lean label
  • Maintain their colour
  • Free from preservatives
  • No added aroma
  • Easy to sprinkle and dose
  • Dust-free
  • Shelf life at least 3 months (when stored at < 8°)
KräuterFox® is ideal for
  • Semi-hard, cottage and soft cheese, curd
  • Pastries
  • Antipasti
  • Delicatessen
and much more …

Please also see our broschure "KräuterFox"

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