G‘OBST - Savoury vegetarian preparations based on vegetable and fruit

Savoury, reduced-germ preparations with lots of vegetables and fruits – the new G‘OBST products by Fuchs. All vegetarian, and ideal for dips and pasta, as a spread or filling and much more, they are popular wherever fruits and vegetables are promoted as healthy ingredients. We will be pleased to develop a customised recipe for your product. In addition to our LiquidControl technology for germ reduction, all G‘OBST products can also be combined with other Fuchs technologies, which means they can be adapted precisely to your requirements. We would be happy to personally inform you about the advantages of our new product range.

G‘OBST advantages:
  • Unusual and absolutely in line with the current trend (Hybrid Food, Food Pairing, Soft Health)
  • Fresh, natural flavour that is a combination of vegetable and fruit
  • 100 % vegetarian and vegan 
  • Refreshing mouthfeel
  • Customer-specific developments possible
  • Liquid product is easy to measure
  • Bake stable
  • Clean Label
  • Reduced germ count with FUCHS LiquidControl technology

G‘OBST - today’s trend
The modern consumer enjoys trying unusual flavours. One major trend (Source: Rützler, Hanni: Food Report 2015) is the blending, mixing and crossing of foods („Hybrid Foods“).  And anything goes: in addition to the combination of sweet and salty, fish and meat, the interplay between vegetables and fruits is also an exciting taste experience. At the same time, G‘OBST takes up the topic of „Food Pairing“ and another major trend, „Soft Health“. Healthy eating should no longer be a matter of what you can‘t have (e.g. cholesterol, saturated fatty acids), but it should be delicious. Look forward to a refreshing new interpretation of various classics with G‘OBST.

G‘OBST possible uses:
  • Dips and Cremes
  • Delicatessen
  • Drinks (e.g. Buttermilk, Whey)
  • Pasta
  • Spreads (e.g. Cream Cheese, Quark)
  • Tasty baked goods
  • Fillings
  • Pizza

Our ideas:
  • Leek and apple
  • Potato and pear with rosemary
  • Yellow paprika and mango
  • Sweetcorn and pineapple with curry
  • Tomato, paprika and apricot with rosemary
  • Paprika and Papaya
  • Cucumber and honeydew melon
  • Avocado and lemon
  • Your tailor-made recipe

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